Welcome to Condor Club San Francisco

The History of Condor Club

Condor Club – Since 1964, The Original Historic topless gentleman’s club located in World Famous North Beach District in San Francisco.

The Original Gentlemen’s Club

The Condor became the birthplace of the world’s first topless & bottomless entertainment. The club starred Carol Doda who was the first topless entertainer where she became famous. In 1972, bottomless dancing became illegal in California, but Carol Doda continued dancing there topless until 1986.

Carol Doda’s Piano

A bizarre death occurred at the Condor Club in November 1983. Bouncer Jimmy Ferrozzo and his girlfriend, exotic dancer Theresa Hill, decided after hours to have sexual intercourse on the famous white piano Carol Doda made her entrance on, being lowered from the ceiling by cables. They accidentally hit the on switch, and the piano rapidly rose to the ceiling, crushing Ferrozzo. Hill survived only because she was thinner than her companion

Carol Doda, who helped take stripping out of the shadowy margins of American society and gained worldwide fame as a topless dancer in the 1960s and ’70s, died November 9th 2015 of complications related to kidney failure. She was 78. Click here to read more.